Soil Testing

Our soil testing services examine your soil’s chemical properties, allowing you to determine if the soil is suitable to accommodate your new construction development.

Soil testing can also be used to gain data you need to collect technical and safety data reports, enabling you to support planning permissions and license applications.

Why Does Soil Need Testing?

This is an important step in the construction process and carries a great importance. It can cause foundation failures if the bearing capacity of the soil is insufficient. If the soil isn’t appropriate for your construction project, it can be a high safety concern causing the structure to become unstable or even collapse.

Our soil testing analysis can check the soil structure, soil moisture content and check if any tree roots found in the soil are still alive/active.

What can be tested?

We offer a range of soil testing services depending on your needs:

  • Moisture Content
  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Organic Content
  • Sulphate Content
  • Moisture Condition Value
  • Optimum Moisture Content
  • Effective Stress

Using the data from our Soil Testing Reports, construction staff and engineers can make changes to adjust the depth and type of foundation, select appropriate building techniques, agree on necessary construction elements, and predict possible problems.


All our soil testing services come with full test results once completed. The report comments on the suitability of the soil for your chosen end use, whether that is for landscaping, sports pitches, construction, or land restoration. If a specification is supplied, the report confirms the soil’s compliance with the soil specification.

Contact us today and find out how our soil testing services can help determine the suitability of your soil.

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