Our Waste Management and Recycling Services provide a reliable collection service to a variety of businesses in Middlesex, London and the Home Counties, including retailers, manufacturers, and local authorities.

We can tailor our recycling service to your specific business needs. We have years of experience and expert knowledge, allowing us to provide advice on how to reduce your waste disposal costs.

Here at MC International Haulage, we have the facilities that enable us to provide recycling services for mixed material collection, single material collection, or food waste collection.

Why is Recycling Needed?

We shouldn’t be telling you anything new when we say recycling is better for the environment than other waste disposal methods. By recycling more of your waste, we can dramatically reduce the amount of landfill space needed, which has a long list of benefits to the environment, including a drop in the number of greenhouse gasses produced. Landfills take up a large amount of land space, by recycling more and reducing these numbers, we can use this space for businesses, homes or leave them as environments for nature to thrive.

What Items can we Recycle?

We can recycle a wide range of commercial and industrial waste, but if you’re unsure if we can recycle it or not, get in touch. Some of the main items we recycle include:

  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Office Equipment
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Scrap Metal

If you’re looking for recycling waste management services in the Middlesex area, please get in touch with MC International Haulage today to find out more information or receive a free quote.

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