Muck Away

Our muck away services provide a hassle-free solution to removing and disposing of your waste materials in an appropriate, environmentally friendly manner.

We have been licensed waste carriers for many years. Our experience provides you with the expertise to remove and dispose of waste cleanly and efficiently, in accordance with the latest environmental standards and legislation.

Our muck away service is always convenient, reliable and cost-effective to use. With a fleet of modern vehicles, we have the capabilities of removing and carrying large amounts of soil and associated materials, useful in construction projects where heavy earthworks may be involved.

Our knowledge and expertise results in a consistently efficient and reliable muck away service. We provide Muck Away for land clearance, construction projects, and demolition projects. Our large fleet of modern vehicles, are available to handle any muck-away project, no matter how big or small the job.

MC International Haulage are committed to providing an environmentally friendly service, ensuring that collected materials are recycled, sorted, graded and whenever possible processed for re-use. We are also recognized as a Silver FORS Member, The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme. FORS is an accreditation scheme that aims to improve fleet activity in London and throughout the UK.

We can provide you with cost-effective and efficient methods of waste removal.

What Does Muck Away Involve?

Muck away is the process of removing soil and associated waste materials from construction/building sites. There are 3 main classifications of Muck Away services, depending on the types of materials you need to be removed. These are; Inert Muck Away, Hazardous Muck Away, and Non-Hazardous Muck Away.

Waste we can remove:

Inert Muck Away - Waste that has not gone through any chemical physical or biological changes and is less likely to affect any other substance that they encounter. Materials such as brick, concrete, hardcore soil and subsoil are considered Inert Muck Away.

Hazardous Muck Away - Waste that has properties or chemicals harmful to the human health and the environment. Examples of Hazardous Muck away would be, Acids, Contaminated Oil, Fluorescent Tubes, and Aerosols.

Non-Hazardous Muck Away – Non-hazardous Muck Away can include a collection of different waste products that are considered not harmful to the environment and human life. Examples of Non-Hazardous Muck Away materials are, soils from site clearance and excavations, building and demo waste, and silt.

Benefits of our Muck Away Service

There are many advantages to using muck away services when clearing your construction sites:

  • Low carbon footprint compared to skip hire (fewer trips to and from site required)
  • Waste removal is completed quickly
  • Grab lorries can navigate small roads and move around commercial sites with ease
  • Clears your garden or site of muck so your project can commence and complete quicker
  • Our grab hire vehicles can grab and hold high volumes of waste
  • We provide qualified drivers to safely operate our vehicles

Responsible Muck Disposal

Each year it is thought around 40% of UK waste is produced from the demolition and construction industry. To help reduce high quantities of this going to landfills.

MC International Haulage aim to recycle as much of your waste as possible, a lot of the muck away materials we collect are repurposed into secondary aggregates. Our lorries then deliver the recycled products to other construction projects, helping them with landscaping and building projects.

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