Land Restoration

Here at MC International Haulage, we provide a range of land restoration services to clients in Middlesex, across London and the Home Counties, and across the UK. With working relationships across many of the leading landfill operators to assist us in the restoration of closed landfill sites. Transforming them into vibrant restored green open spaces for nature and wildlife to re-establish.

We also provide our land restoration services to reinstate a wide range of sites, from landfill, quarries, or brownfield sites. Our land restoration transforms these areas into a usable commercial standard. We supply both soils and organic materials along with a full contracting service to place and incorporate all materials on site to meet the restoration and planning conditions.

Our Land Restoration service offers a compliant and cost-effective approach for the disposal of suitable beneficial materials such as biosolids, compost-like outputs, and composts in the restoration of former landfill, mineral working and Brownfield sites.

Why is Land Restoration Needed?

Often there is a legal or contractual obligation to the landowner or site operator to restore the land/site back to its original condition once the primary use, be that mineral extraction or landfill sites, has terminated. We work in partnership with the site owner or operator to deliver a cost-effective and professional solution.

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